Our Showrooms

b.b.begonia products are sold in specialty retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about carrying our products in your store and working with local sales representatives, please contact the appropriate gift sales agency for your area.

Our entire product range is on display in the permanent showrooms at each of the major market centers. We invite you to visit these showrooms across the country to fully explore our product range.

Winnipeg Showroom
209 Lindenwood Dr East
Winnipeg, MB R3P 1S7
Phone: 204-284-6777
Toll Free: 1-877-320-5649
Fax: 204-284-6555

Jenny Hammons & Associates
Servicing: WA, OR, ID, AK, Northern CA, NV
Seattle Showroom
6100 4th Avenue South, Suite 275
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 206-763-6957
Fax: 206-763-3069