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I was given a begonia bag as a going away gift by my colleagues when I left work - as my husband and I were planning a trip to Wales and hiking in Nepal and India. And a bag is always useful they thought. I have to say that besides my passport and hiking boots, 'the bag' was the most useful, practical and versatile piece of equipment I had! Always at the ready ( tucked away in a jacket pocket or knapsack) 'the bag' adapted to whatever function was required at the time: carrying fruit purchased at local markets, keeping the laptop safe by my side, last minute stash for weary hiking boots, my extra set of hands at airports while going through security, became a pillow stuffed with various items of clothing to ensure a good nights sleep. 'The bag' even made it to Everest Base camp, although I was more intrigued with the incredible views at that particular time. And when we returned home, 'the bag' hit the washing machine and is looking better than ever!


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