Winterizing Your RV

Posted on December 15, 2014.

Who knew that winterizing your RV was such a rigorous and technical process? Turns out it is, and there are many websites with advice that would take you quite a while to decipher. However, don’t worry b.b.begonia to the rescue! We have tackled the research for you.

Here is what you need to know:

There are three main steps you need to follow. The first part of the process is draining the water and drying the water lines. First, thing to look for here is an opening called the “petcock” also known as the fresh water holding tank. Next, you want to drain the black and grey holding tanks. While working on these two tanks you also want to make sure you flush them while you’re at it. Next, open all faucets in your RV, this includes your sink, shower and toilet. This helps to make sure that air can flow through. Lastly, attach a compressed air adapter to the RVs water lines forcing out any extra water in the lines. Replace all drains and close all those faucets you opened earlier including your petcock.

The next step is adding antifreeze to your system. You can do this from the inside using a water pump conversion kit or from the outside with a hand pump. This is a bit of a complicated process however and the following link has a few video tutorials to direct you on your way:!

Lastly, and by far the easiest mechanically speaking is to clean the kitchen and fridge and gather all your laundry. Anything you would not want to find after six months! Finally cover the RV with a breathable material. We recommend a breathable material so that rodents and snow cannot get it but the holes will prevent mold from accumulating.

We know this seems like a daunting task but with a little preparation you can make sure your investment is secure while you enjoy the holiday season!

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