Tips for An Awesome Pokémon Go Camping Trip

Posted on August 26, 2016.

What is Pokémon Go?

For the past couple of months, maybe you have noticed the perpetually swelling number of people, children and adults alike, roaming the streets staring intently onto their smartphones in search of something. No, they are not hunting for gold nor winning lotto tickets. These people are simply going Pokémon crazy playing the Pokémon Go app.

Soaring to the top of the download charts for both iOS and Android smartphones, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game released in selected countries last July 2016. Pokémon Go allows players to capture different kinds of Pokémon which they can use to battle with other Pokémon trainers. What’s unique with Pokémon Go is that it encourages physical activity because the farther you go, the more Pokémon you can collect. This means playing the app outside the comforts of your home is an inevitability in order to catch a Pokémon.

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Why you should go out for a Pokémon Camping Trip?

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Camping and playing Pokémon Go can actually be combined for a fun and worthwhile activity in the great outdoors. Both activities will take you outdoors which can make you walk and run a good distance for cardio. You may find a bug type Pokémon while exploring plants and trees. Or you may collect a grass type while taking a hike or a bike run (be careful).

Playing Pokémon Go while camping is also a neat activity to encourage kids and adults to mingle and socialize. While camping fosters quality bonding time with both people and nature alike, Pokémon Go likewise builds friendships and familial relationships as they share the thrill and joy of collecting different Pokémons and battling other trainers. This is in contrast to single-player games that do not cultivate communities.

Aside from being a serene place to be one with nature, campgrounds are also a safer place to catch Pokémon. Situated in lush greens and wide spaces, it’s a safer location compared to walking into people, objects, and cars. (keep safe from bears though)

Hitting (or collecting) two birds (or two Pokémons) with one stone, don’t you think that you’ll have a rad time camping?

How to prepare for a Pokémon Go Camping Trip

Besides your usual camping paraphernalia, you need to ensure that you are taking all the Pokémon Go essentials to not spoil your trip. Preparation is key especially for a Pokémon Go Camping Trip.

The Pokémon Go game requires that the app connects to the internet and runs all the time. It goes without saying that this will quickly drain the life of your phone battery. Bring tons of power banks, chargers, and extra cables to ensure that your phone battery is always topped up with power.

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Pick a campground that provides high speed WiFi connection and decent cellular signals. You don’t want to miss capturing Pikachu just because you lost internet connection. Research online or call the campground to get this information.

Bring a backpack just like Ash Ketchum to store your essentials. Searching high and low for a strong Pokémon can leave you thirsty and hungry. Pack some of your favorite snacks and something to quench your thirst. A flashlight and an extra shirt can also be useful.

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Wear a cap and sunglasses especially during summertime when the sun is belting out its heat in its full glory. Wear proper attire to match the weather and your environment.

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You can also bring a b.b.begonia outdoor rug so that you can sit comfortably on the ground while scanning your surroundings for Pokémon. Likewise, you may lie down on the outdoor rug if you feel tired from all the walking and feel like enjoying the scenery.

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How about you? Do you have your own tips on how you can prepare for a Pokémon Go Camping Trip? Please share your comments below.

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