The Best 5 RV Blogs

Posted on July 30, 2015.

RV blogs are not your typical blog reads. For most non-blog readers, they are absolutely and surprisingly more than that. RV blogs contain every bit of essential information you will need when travelling, camping, or going full time on your RV. They can take you to places you’ve never been before and give you a whole new perspective on adventures you’ve taken on. Below are some of the RV blogs which we think are top-notch and should be added to your reading list.

1. Go RVing

The Go RVing Blog definitely dominates the top spot for the best RV blogs. With 11 bloggers/roadtrippers posting their experiences one adventure at a time, they take you to various colorful exploits that fuel your imagination to take the trip yourself. The Go RVing Blog will make you relish the beauty and wonders of the different sides of the US and Canada you’ve never heard before. Along with breathtaking images, their honest to goodness observations and annotations will make you feel like that you are out there with them taking the adventure.

2. Gone with the Wynns

If you are looking for a where-to, how-to kind of blog then the Gone with the Wynns site is perfect for you. The site is managed by the travelling couple, Jason and Nikki Wynn, who share their cross country adventures through fun & high-quality videos and straightforward but casual kind of writing. They deserve some airtime on television most definitely with their quirky and guileless storytelling living in the outdoors.

3. Wheeling It

Living the fulltime RV dream with 12 paws, 40 feet, and the open road. Now, that’s one tagline that will get you interested. The Wheeling It blog is owned by Paul and Nina who have been on the road since the first of March, 2010 together with their furry friends namely Polly, Taggart, and Rand (dog, cat, and cat respectively). Needing a change in their life, they decided to retire early and go RVing across the US. On the blog, you’d see their adventures from one state to another, recipes, videos, RV tips, and whatnots. Living their dream, how they share their stories makes you feel like you are catching up with an old friend or a neighbor.

4. Technomadia

Quite an unusual name for an RV blog, Technomadia features the exploits and journeys of Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy. Technomad started off to record their adventures and to keep their family and friends updated at the same time. But their following grew and grew over time as many drew inspiration from their stories. Technomad is a term that means technology-enabled nomad which clearly describes the adventures of Cherie and Chris. Combining both technology and travel, they travel across America on their vintage bus while working intently as technology and strategy advisors, app developers, and authors remotely. How cool is that! You’ll definitely enjoy reading their stories and practical tips as they live life on the road.

5. Island Girl Walkabout

First off, the Island Girl Walkabout isn’t about an island girl doing a walkabout as you would think. Island Girl is actually the 2004 National Tropical 30’ Class A motorhome of Brenda and Hector Lopez. Together with their wonderful dog, Angel, they have been on a walkabout traveling around the US since October 2012. Sharing their travel experiences along with Hector’s splendid photography, you’ll find that their blog posts are very easy and pleasant to read. Their trip to the Kennecott Mines is a highly recommended post. The pictures and how the whole adventure was transcribed will transport you mystically to the historical Kennecott Mines.

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