Top Reasons to Go Camping in Spring

Posted on April 22, 2016.

Spring Camping Nature

Camping in spring may seem a bit unorthodox as most people wait for summer to go outside and camp. Many people schedule their camping trips when the temperature is sweltering and the sun is out in all its glory. While it may not be as warm as summer, there are a lot of good reasons why you should go camping in spring. Reading this might actually change your camping plans.

The Sun and Vitamin D

One of the things people miss the most during wintertime is basking in the sun. And this is one of the best things you get to do in spring without the scorching heat you dread in summer. While you’re camping, soaking up some vitamin D-filled sunlight adds nutrients to your bones, decreases your chances of developing heart disease, and boosts your immunity. Also, being exposed to sunshine has been proven to cure the seasonal depression you feel during the cold season and likewise reduces your stress.

Flowers and Photography

Although the colors of the leaves in fall are quite the charmer, they don’t compare to the beauty which spring brings. Lush greens and vibrant blooms captivate the true essence of spring that is life and nature in vivid color. To have your campsite surrounded by a lovely landscape would be heavenly. It’s also the best time to take out your camera (or smartphone) and capture Mother Nature in its magnificent form for your Instagram account.


Spring is the most perfect time to enjoy a campfire. The dancing flames, the crackling sounds, and the smell of the air all contribute to make the ideal set-up for camping in spring. Not too hot and not too cold, it allows campers and RVers alike to gather around for some much needed warmth when it becomes a little nippy in the evening. Be sure to bring all the essentials in building your campfire so you’d have something to warm your toes and fingers. Taking along some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars for s’mores won’t hurt too.

Perfect Temperature

One spiteful thing you can say about summer is the humidity and the heat waves which can be unbearable for some people. Walking a long trail under a scorching sun and sleeping with rainfalls of sweat can very much ruin a camping trip more so cause dehydration and exhaustion. In between winter and summer, the temperatures during spring can be reckoned to be as the most conducive for camping. It can be sunny with a gentle breeze during the day while you enjoy suitable cool temperatures come night time. Spring simply offers the most suitable temperatures for camping and no one can argue with that.

More Peaceful & Less Stressful

Summertime can be considered as camping’s peak season and it means having to succumb to a noisy and packed campground most of the time. If this doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and join in the long traffic with the crowd. But if you prefer peace and serenity, schedule your camping trips in spring. There are less campers but just enough for you to enjoy company and the outdoors. This also means more space for you to freely set up your campsite, trailer or RV on the best locations.

If you are ready to cure your cabin fever with spring camping, it is important to prepare for the chilly temperatures and on occasion, rain. Yes, you can always check the weather forecasts in advance but it is always best to be ready for anything. This means ensuring that you have the proper clothing and sleeping paraphernalia to stay warm as well as protecting your tent from the rain. Once you have done all the essential checks, you’ll be all set for your spring adventure!

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