Smart Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers and Campers

Posted on December 11, 2015.

As Christmas Day is fast approaching, the stress of buying gifts for friends and loved ones increases as well. The trouble of finding the perfect gift moving from one store to another can make one lose his cool at this time of the year more so with gifting RVers. And this can be painstakingly difficult for people who are clueless about the RV lifestyle. But it shouldn’t be the case. So we have prepared a list of smart gift ideas for RVers and campers alike you will not go wrong with.

Check out these awesome ideas for RVers and campers!

  1. Leveling Blocks

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are one of those must-haves for every kind of RVer. These tough guys can be used on rough terrains to help level and stabilize almost every kind of RV. You’ll never camp without these colorful leveling blocks again.

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  1. RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit Bundle

Sewer Hose Kit

Which RVer doesn’t need an extra set of sewer hose kit? Imagine having a faulty hose in the middle of nowhere. Where do you run to? Not quite easy when you’re on the road. This is definitely another must-have for RVers.

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  1. Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Have you ever seen an RV following backwards? The owners probably did not have wheel chocks. Wheel chocks can prevent a trailer or RV from rolling away while parked. These can actually be useful for cars and trucks as well. Look for wheel chocks that come with a pull rope which can be vital when removing it from a vehicle.

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  1. Foldable Table Set

Foldable Table Set

Having an extra pair of tables can come in handy especially when you have guests over. You’ll need a steady table to place your drinks and food.

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  1. Portable Grill

Portable Grill

Portable grills can be the sweetest gift you can give to an RVer who loves to barbecue! Grill enthusiasts will be thrilled to take their grilling wherever they may go as cooking outdoors is one of the things which RVers look forward to on their trips.

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  1. Solar Powered USB Charger

Solar Powered USB Charger

Keeping devices charged at all times can be a challenge for people who are always travelling. A solar powered USB charger will prove to be useful to allow RVers to charge their cell phones, tablets, and cameras particularly when no electricity is available.

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  1. Binoculars


Binoculars would be perfect for people who love nature. Waterproof, absorbs shocks from slips and falls, non-slip enhanced grip are a few of the nifty features which you need to look for when buying a binocular for an RVer.

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  1. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bag

You may not know it yet but RVers often prefer sleeping bags compared to bed covers that normally slide off the bed and are often fussy to organize. And of course, RVers also use sleeping bags when they camp in tents or go hiking.

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  1. Tool Set

Tool Set

Who doesn’t need a complete tool set to maintain and repair their RV? Every RVer will definitely be ecstatic to get one.

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  1. RV Camping Mats

RV Camping Mat

RV mats help prevent unwanted dust and dirt from getting inside the RV. It’s also a good area to put portable tables and chairs to relax and enjoy nature.

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We hope that this guide help you with your gift hunting. Enjoy shopping!

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