RVing with Pets

Posted on February 23, 2015.

You have decided that you are going to be traveling with your pets. There are a few things you should know before you take off. Some preplanning can make all the difference in a successful traveling experience. Here are few questions to ask yourself.

Is your pet current on all their shots?  Does your pet get motion sickness? If so the vet can give you some medicine to help with this.

Does your pet like to travel? Practice before. Go on a small trip and see how they behave.  Let them roam around this will help so that traveling is not a new experience.

Does your pet have a name tag? Make sure to get one and that it has your cell number on it!

Make sure you have all your pets’ favorite things, including toys and treats.

You can crate your pet in the RV if you think they would feel more comfortable or designate a specific area in the RV that is theirs. This will help them to feel more comfortable in a moving vehicle.

If you have a dog, you will need to stop every 3 or 4 hours to let the dog stretch their legs and use the restroom.

Keep water available at all times

Don’t forget to bring a b.b. begonia RV mat or outdoor rug for them to rest on!

There are also pet friendly campgrounds that cater to campers with pets. These are more accommodating to the requirements of having a pet and sometimes have pet parks for your animals to play in. Don’t forget it is not wise to tie your pet up outside your camper when you are not around. Hope these tips help make camping with your pet more enjoyable!

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