RVing in the Colder Months

Posted on November 11, 2014.

Most people do not think of taking the RV out on the open road in the colder months however, taking a roadtrip in the Fall and Winter can be just as beautiful as a summer trip. The crisp cool winter air, bonfires and the snow capped mountains are enough to send us packing up our winter gear. There are many beautiful destinations to try begin by checking out this website by travel and leisure magazine.

We would love to travel to destination number three Jackson, WY, it looks dreamy! Choosing a location is important but so is making sure your RV is outfitted properly for the winter months. Most RV’s are not prepped for winter travel so make sure you do your research before taking off. This website answers a lot of questions you might have in preparation.  Some things to make sure you have are “de-icer, snow shovel, ice scraper, jack pads, winter wiper fluid and winter clothes!” Speaking of winter clothes your winter wardrobe will need to change significantly. Toss out your shorts and tank tops and replace with flannel and warm long socks! Need some inspiration try searching Pinterest the options are unlimited for men and women! Lastly, if you still need a little nudge to get your winter adventure started the price of gas is at its cheapest during the winter months. So go ahead, hit the open road this holiday season. Let us know where you headed to and send us pics on our Facebook or Pinterest accounts. We would love to be a part of your adventures!

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