RVing in the Cities of the US

Posted on April 20, 2015.

When you think of RVing adventures do big cities and people filled streets come to mind? For most it is usually nature, wide open spaces, large camping spaces and campfires. But what about those of us that like the allure of a big city? Can we still live the RV life and visit cities like Detroit, Washington D.C. and Chicago? Yes, don’t lose hope. While maneuvering a large RV around the downtown of a city is difficult there are ways to plan ahead and enjoy all the large cities of the US has to offer.

Washington D.C., there is so much to see and do in D.C. Look into Cherry Hill Park. It has transportation that stops at the park and delivers you directly to the metro station. This park also has a lot of fun amenities including a hot tub and mini golf!

Saint Louis, this city’s downtown actually has an RV Park in the middle of the downtown. Does it get better? You can see the Jefferson Memorial, Art Museum, Zoo, Science Center and the Missouri History Museum which are all in walking distance or an easy bus ride. There is also a bike trail that runs from Missouri to Illinois allowing you to visit two states in the same day. How cool is that!

San Diego, nothing says summer vacation than California! Grab the RV and head down to the beach. Check out Campland on the Bay, this campground is a resort for RV lovers. Boring is not a word that would describe this campsite. With every water activity you could want to do Campland offers you waterskiing, jet skiing, crafts horseshoes, sand castle building, soccer and skateboarding. If that’s not enough to keep you busy San Diego public transportation is just a short walk away.

As you can see Urban RVing is very much a must for city lovers! In the city or lakeside, b.b. begonia carries a gorgeous variety of design RV awning mats and outdoor rugs! Take a peek at our selection. 

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