RVFTA 2016 Spring Gear Guide

Posted on March 21, 2016.

The RV Family Travel Atlas 2016 Spring Gear Guide is now out and among those featured is our very own Malibu RV Mat. How awesome is that! They talked about our good-looking designs, the handy carrying case, and the quality of our RV Mats compared to the cheaper mats. We had a fun time listening to their show but at the same time enlightened with the tips they have shared. Also included on their Spring Gear Guide are stuff for the inside of the RV or camper and favorite gadgets from the RVFTA Forums.

Comprised of Jeremy, Stephanie, together with their three kids namely Theo, Max, and Wesley, the RV Family Travel Atlas has been exploring much about anything related to RVing, RV vacations, and camping. You'll find resources about finding the perfect campgrounds, beach camping, best RV campers, recipes for camping, fun activities when camping, and a whole lot more. They also run their own weekly podcasts which you can subscribed to in the iTunes store.

To access their Spring Gear Guide podcast, visit http://rvfamilytravelatlas.com/2016/03/rvfta-80-2016-spring-gear-guide-part-2/.  To learn more about the RV Family Travel Atlas, drop by their website at http://rvfamilytravelatlas.com/.

RVFTA Spring Gear Guide 2016

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