My First RV Show Experience

Posted on March 14, 2016.

I went to the Manitoba RV Show and Sale last Friday, March 11, at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg. The expanded third floor of the RBC Convention Centre was filled with all things RV. It seemed like a real campground with the endless aisles of RVs, artificial plants, inanimate bears, camping chairs, lush greens, and the makeshift Riding Mountain National Park. It was truly a treat for people who love the great outdoors and RVing.

Manitoba RV Show 2016

Manitoba RV Show 2016

To say that the wide array of RVs on the show were jaw-dropping would be an understatement. It was RV heaven if you were to ask a first-timer like me. The dealers brought RVs that can cater to every whim and budget that you might have. Anybody shopping for an RV is sure to find what they are looking for.

I was especially in awe of the 2015 Winnebago Tour. The 2015 Winnebago Tour features a fireplace (perfect for winter drives) and a 50 inch retractable TV which you can all enjoy while lounging on an ultraleather power reclining couch. Dubbed as the ‘palace on wheels’, it offers a king sized bed with power reclining and a huge shower with hot water. You just can’t ask for more than what it has to give. But of course this dream RV comes with a price so I was happy just looking at it.

If you are planning on going to an RV show, here are some tips coming from an RV show first-time attendee.

Tip 1 - Don’t go to the show hungry. Walking around the show sure made me dizzy. Good thing there were food stalls outside the entrance of the show. Those mini-donuts sure did save me from fainting. The smell at the entrance was so delightful.

Tip 2 - Go to the show with company. I went to the show alone, unfortunately. It would have been more fun if you have someone tagging along discussing all the cool and fun stuff at the show plus someone to take photos with.

Tip 3 - Never be afraid to talk with the exhibitors. GNR Camping World, Transcona Trailers, Classic Trailer Sales, Can Am RV, Steinbach Holiday RV, and Sun Valley RV were among the RV dealers in the show. The RV reps were not the type who would hover but they would be very friendly in answering questions.  Aside from RV dealers, several campgrounds also participated in the show such as Creekside Camping & RV Park, Cripple Creek Campground, Ontario Parks, Rubber Ducky Resort and Campground, and Oak Point RV Resort. You can ask them about any of their offers and the best time to visit their campgrounds.

Tip 4 – Visit the whole show. It was a huge exhibit and going through every area might be daunting for some. Be sure to pace your walk and explore as every area in the exhibit would often offer something new and unique.

Tip 5 - Don’t be shy to take gifts and brochures. A lot of the show exhibitors gave away gifts and cute tokens to the visitors. Be sure to take flyers and brochures for future research and reference.

Tip 6 – Participate. Some of the exhibitors held some contests for families and friends to join in. The Manitoba Children’s Camping Association was present in the show and prepared different activities for kids. When bringing in your kids to an RV show, be sure to check if there are activities they can join in. I also saw a booth for face painting which a lot of the children enjoyed.

Tip 7 - If you are going to the show to buy an RV, be sure to do your research first. Write down the features that you want, prices that you find online or in stores, warranty, etc. When you go to the show, compare your notes with what is offered. Are they giving you a better deal? Are they giving you valuable freebies? What’s their warranty terms like? Some people find the best RV deals in RV shows.

Our rugs also participated in the show by complementing some of the pop-up campers and trailers. Come see the pictures below.

Blossom Camping RV Mat

Malibu Camping RV Mat

Fernando Camping RV Mat

Fernando Camping RV Mat




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