How to Clean Outdoor Rugs

Posted on July 2, 2015.

Nowadays, a lot of people are investing in outdoor area rugs to make their patio or deck more inviting and stylish. Even people who love camping and RVing are on the look out for outdoor rugs to make their camping trips more convenient and enjoyable. Although outdoor rugs are generally made of materials to keep up with most elements, it is extremely important to do some regular maintenance to get the most years out of it. Here are a few tips to keep it clean and maintain its vibrant look all year round.


Vacuum your carpet regularly and thoroughly. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove dirt and soil from your outdoor rug or RV mat. Although molds can’t grow on an outdoor rug because of its synthetic material, molds do feed on soil settling in the fibers of the rug. Moreover, regular stains will find it difficult to set in if you always fend off dirt and soil from your rug. You might also need to take out large debris from the outdoor rug using a putty knife or any kind of handy tool.

Spot Cleaning

Most often than not, you will only need to spot clean your outdoor rug like when your kid spills his orange juice or when the sauce from your spaghetti accidentally drips off your rug. You can easily do this by gently removing the excess stain. After removing the excess stain, mix a small amount of mild dish soap or detergent with cold water. Using the soap mix, get rid of the remnants of the stain using a clean sponge and dab the stained area carefully. Be sure to only do a dab on the area so as not to push the stain deeper into the material of the rug. Afterwards, simply blot the area with a clean cloth to dry it off.

Hosing It off

Should your outdoor rug become excessively filthy and unkempt, you will need to do a good old hosing on your outdoor rug. It is recommended that you lay your outdoor rug on an inclined surface when you hose it so that the water drains away. With a water and soap solution, use a scrub brush or a push broom to clean the surface of the rug. Make sure to clean both sides of your outdoor rug but be careful in scrubbing the rug to not dishevel the fibers. Then rinse off the rug with the hose.

After hosing down the rug, dry the rug with sunlight. You may hang it over a railing or simply lay it on a clean and flat surface. Turn it over so it dries on both sides. Moisture encourages the growth of molds so it is utterly essential that you ensure that the water on the rug dries off completely.

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