Choosing An RV

Posted on February 23, 2015.

Choosing an RV is kind of like choosing a home, there are a lot of things to consider including the price and the purpose. This is a purchase that takes a good deal of research! There are three different categories of RV’s. Below is a summary of each. This can help you to narrow down which category you are going to investigate further.

1. While this is the smallest RV it does not necessarily have the cheapest price tag. It is more on the adventure side and is sometimes called a camper. This RV is smaller and can double as a vehicle much more easily than the other category of RVs. It usually accommodates two but can accommodate up to four. Features vary from model to model but most include a queen size bed in the back and chairs that lay all the way flat to accommodate younger members. Most include a small kitchen and a living area where you can watch TV, play games etc.

Price: $40,000 to $100,000
Gas Mileage: 12 to 25 mpg

2. Sometimes called a mini-motorhome, this is the value RV category. You get more space for just a bit higher price tag. This RV can accommodate six easily. Features are usually a full master bedroom in the back of the RV, a full size kitchen and living area. The additional bedrooms come into play usually as lofts around the living area. The plus of this type of RV is that it is not as small at the camper but is not as big as the motorhome. The size makes it easier to drive and maneuver as well as better gas mileage.

Price Tag: $50,000 to $80,000
Gas Mileage: up to 20mpg

3. This is the dream RV and is the most purchased category RV. It can exceed 40 feet in length and offers all the comforts and immunities of home. It can sleep up to 10 easily. Features of the motorhome are unlimited with many different varieties and variations of living spaces. Storage is bountiful with enough places to put your life. These models offer the slide out options which allow for the extra space with some RVs having up to four slide-outs.

Price Tag: $60,000 and up
Gas Mileage: up to 12mpg

You can see that when choosing an RV you must take into account your life choices, family size, budget and where you are headed. After choosing your RV, don’t forget to spruce it up with a fashionable outdoor rug or RV mat from b.b.begonia. We will have your RV dressed to impress!

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