6 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Living Areas

Posted on July 29, 2016.

For the past several years, a growing number of people have been investing copiously in enhancing their outdoor living areas in California and Texas through the purchase of patio furniture or the renovation of their decks. A huge chunk of the population have been shopping online for outdoor rugs, outdoor furniture, weather-resistant pillows, indoor/outdoor rugs, garden accents, and other outdoor accessories in hopes of refining the beauty and comfort of their outdoor space.

No longer considered as simply a trend, a lot of people see that there’s more to an outdoor space than barbecue (We totally love barbecues). Here are 6 amazing benefits you’ll surely reap from an outdoor living area.

1. Promotes good overall physical health

Aside from cooking healthy food like chicken and vegetables on the grill, good health can be ultimately cultivated with the help of an outdoor living area. Soaking up vitamin D from the sun decreases your chances of developing autoimmune diseases & cancer, boosts your immunity, and regulates insulin levels.

Also, research confirms that experiencing nature improves your memory and brain function. It has also been demonstrated to reduce stress and negative emotions. If that doesn’t get you building your outdoor area, what will?

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2. Allows you to connect with nature

Connecting with nature is a rarity which everyone should enjoy and having an outdoor living area allows you to do this while at the comfort of your home. Listening to birds chirp in the day, gazing at green trees and plants, and basking in the sun are simple activities for you to experience nature without having to camp in the mountains.

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3. Brings your family and loved ones together

Bonding with your family does not always require for you to go on the road. If you have a relaxing and enticing outdoor living area, bringing your family and loved ones together won’t be as difficult and tedious. An outdoor living area can be a single common area where your loved ones can gather to enjoy a sumptuous dinner by the stars and a place where one can tell stories endlessly seemingly like in a camp. Everyone will want to just hang outside. Now who can resist that?

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4. Enables you to extend your home and entertain guests

Being an extension of your home, your outdoor living area can be utilized to ease up the traffic inside your house especially during birthday parties or your usual Friday hang with your friends.  And if you have an outdoor kitchen with a grill, you can enjoy grilling up a barbecue while having a chat with your friends. Hosting parties won’t get as easy as this. It’s all a win-win situation.

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5. Increases the value of your property

Unlike other home improvement projects, well-designed outdoor living areas increase the value of your property significantly. Expect a definite return on your investment especially if you put enough time and creativity into the design of your outdoor area. Consequently, outdoor spaces make your property more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell it off in the future. Buyers typically try to imagine their life in your home and seeing themselves enjoying a mimosa in a breezy patio filled with lights might make all the difference in their decision.

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6. Helps you save money

Creating an inviting and enjoyable outdoor environment in your home will surely save you money from pricey vacation trips. Being able to leisurely relax in your outdoor living area customized to your preferences will make you want to just stay home without the exorbitant expenses of resorts. This is another return in your home investment worth taking note of.

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