5 Awesome Tips When Camping in the Fall

Posted on September 4, 2015.

Fall is slowly inching its way and soon the leaves will change colors. But do not worry, this should not faze you from going camping. It’s actually one of the best times to pack your bags and be one with Mother Nature. Pleasurable hikes, nippy mornings, and sparkling leaf colors all make a wonderful camping experience in the fall. Now get ready and take on these 5 awesome tips to make your one last hurrah of camping a very enjoyable one!

1. Check the weather forecasts. As elementary as this is, some people tend to forget that the weather can be very erratic and unstable even in the fall. It might rain suddenly or the temperature might dip lower than you prepared for. Scout the weather forecasts beforehand for the whole duration of your camping trip so that you can pack accordingly. If you depend on weather apps, be sure to look at credible ones as some apps may provide you inaccurate foresight. Also take note of the weather at an hourly basis as it may be a breezy 20 in the morning and then a very chilly -10 in the evening.

2. Pack different sets of clothes for layers. In anticipation of varying temperatures and weather, it will be smart to pack fleece gloves, acrylic caps, vests, sweaters, wool socks, rain jackets, and just about anything that can protect you from freezing temperatures and the rain. Packing a little extra never hurt anyone, although it might hurt your back carrying that extra weight of clothes.

3. Take along sleeping gear suitable for cold weather. Imagine sleeping in your tent at a windy 0 or -10 degrees. Do you think you’ll be able to sleep through the night with a freezing bum? This can be averted by bringing a sleeping bag suitable for the forecasted temperatures during your camping trip. For really cold temperatures, look for a sleeping bag with heat retaining features with lightweight synthetic insulation. And while you’re at it, pick up a thick mattress foam to give you that extra insulation from the cold ground. Extra blankets can help you keep warm as well.

4. Learn about the rules of burning wood at your campground. If you’ll be cooking food, it will be best to think this through carefully. Will you be cooking with a stove or will you be cooking over an open fire? If you want go old school and cook over fires, you’ll need to have firewood. Not all campgrounds may have it on hand though hence the need to prepare. You should also take note that some states do not permit firewood brought from other places. The reason being tree-killing insects and diseases can lurk in firewood which can destroy forests and properties. According to the dontmovefirewood.org website, you can’t move firewood at a distance of 50 miles. They recommend 10 miles or less. But to be safe, be sure to check their state-by-state map and read about their rules and regulations regarding the moving of firewood.

5. Bring your favorite hot beverage. This one, you should never ever forget. Nothing is more relaxing and comforting marveling at a glorious nature sight than sipping your favorite hot drink. May it be black coffee or a cup of hot chocolate, it’s the most perfect way to begin a chilly morning when camping. Wake up a bit early so that you can get started heating up water as this takes longer in the fall.


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