About b.b.begonia

The cornerstone of the b.b.begonia philosophy as a brand is our focus on using design and creativity as a tool to promote functionality and respect for the environment. We take inspiration from Mother Nature. Like nature, we wish to adapt and create new products and solutions which are beautiful and problem solving. We wish to use design to improve people’s lives while making the smallest possible impact on the planet.

As we grow from our small roots, we will continue to take meaningful steps to strengthen our commitment to take care of the environment. b.b.begonia will remain loyal to the health of the environment and will keep looking for opportunities to bring ecologically empowered but contemporary and in style solutions for customers. b.b.begonia believes that it can make a difference, however small, for a brighter eco-friendly future.

We design for our conscience, for a function and for an aesthetic. We call this our chic sense-ability.

b.b.begonia eco-friendly products are designed and developed in Winnipeg, Canada and manufactured in Asian countries like South Korea, India and China under fully socially compliant and fair labor conditions.