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Point of Sale Display MerchandisersPOS-CTO2         POS-CTO2, reusable bag display

Good things do come in small packages! b.b.begonia is pleased to announce the arrival of our new, smaller-footprint POS display unit.

With its striking combination of durable crystal-clear acrylic, attractive blond wood and a full-colour, eye-catching image, our newest POS unit is designed to hold the b.b.begonia singles in style. The new POS-CT02 displayer is priced at only $30.00 . To offset the cost of the unit, we will include 5 free bags with your next order - a retail value of approx $30!

Meanwhile, the original "one stop shop" POS displayer has proven itself to be a winner for savvy retailers throughout the US and Canada. Designed with both form and function in mind, the POS-CT01 has plenty of room for singles, board-packs and handy 5-piece pouches. Order yours today! To offset the $60 cost, we will include 8 assorted board-pack bags with your next order; a $72 value!

Please note that POS prices do not include shipping charges. Units will be shipped from Winnipeg, Canada, by the most cost-effective method possible. Units shipping to the US will be sent empty; offset bags will be included with your next order. In Canada, free bags will be sent with displayer.

For additional information, or to find out which POS unit is right for you, please feel free to contact us.

POS-CT01 priced at $60.00 (offset 8 single bags)

POS-CT01 Point of Sale Display Unit


POS-Mats priced at $50.00 (offset 2 - 4ft. x6 ft. rugs)

The display ships flat with instructions for easy assembly inside the box. It holds 12 mats of any size and only requires 3 sq.ft. of space.

POS-CT01 Point of Sale Display Unit