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Eco Friendly, Designer Outdoor Rugs, Patio Mats, RV Mats and Reusable Shopping Bags

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For too long, outdoor living and outdoor furniture was about comfort and utility but not so much about fashion and aesthetics. At b.b.begonia, we strive to change this by designing rich innovative outdoor rug patterns each tastefully designed to match your patio furniture. With multiple designs in different color and sizes, we have the patio mats to help you bridge your unique taste and style seamlessly between the interior of your home to the outside of your patio.

b.b.begonia all weather outdoor rugs are eco-friendly and made out of recycled plastic . Tightly woven tubular yarn promotes durability unlike the lighter weight big box store alternative. The outdoor mats are fade resistant, odour proof, and easy-to-clean. Our outdoor mats are reversible between front and back sides giving you two stylish options at the same time. The yarn does not absorb dirt or stains and leaves, mud or food spills are easily rinsed away with water. Care-free and weather proof, and quick drying, our rugs do not trap water. That means they won't pick up mildew or rot wooden decks. 

The b.b.begonia outdoor rugs are a great solution for the patio, deck, by the pool or in the yard. They are light and easy to carry when going to your picnics, camping trips and soccer games.

Our RV rugs additionally have heavy duty piping on two sides with reinforced corners and stake loops (stake loops not included). These large-sized outdoor RV mats can fold up small and flat making it very compact to carry on trips and as such a great solution under the awning of your RV.

Whatever your needs are, we want you to experience and embrace the quality-crafted and expertly designed outdoor rugs offered by b.b.begonia.

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